• Professional & Personalised Nutrition Advice
  • Professional & Personalised Nutrition Advice

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My Dietitian Perth is a private nutrition and dietetic practice in Perth, Australia. We are passionate about providing professional and personalised nutrition advice to people of all ages, and with different conditions. All advice is practical, evidence-based and makes use of scientifically proven strategies to manage your diet-related concerns.


Our approach

We use Medical Nutrition Therapy to deliver outcome focused and personal dietetic advice. In simple terms, we like to make healthy nutrition easy – but always based on up to date scientific evidence and not the latest trend or fad.

We provide each client with simple and sustainable individual nutrition solutions that fit together with their goals. These goals could be anything from wanting to create and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, to losing weight or managing a medical condition.

My Dietitian Perth is owned & operated by an accredited practicing dietitian who is trained to give practical nutrition advice whatever your situation for all ages from infants through to adults. Visit our about page to see more information.

What we do

With so much conflicting information about what we should and shouldn’t eat, and what constitutes a healthy balanced diet, it’s often difficult to know what’s accurate, and where to begin!

And this is where we come in – we can translate scientific information into practical nutrition strategies, specific to your needs or to help meet your health goals. Whether your objective is to manage a health condition, lose weight, or to simply feel happier, our dietitian can help you reach your goals.

We give expert advice on a wide spectrum of diet-related issues for all ages. We also have experience in the nutrition care of patients discharged from hospitals. Visit our services page to see the range of conditions we can help with.

How we work

We look forward to working with you and achieving the best possible outcomes for your health.

Our dietitians consult on both an individual basis, as well as offer group education sessions. We can also help with nutritional queries and information, and assist you with a wide range of nutrition and food-related health problems.

If you are unable to come into our practice, or would prefer for your children to be in their own environment, we can arrange a home appointment.

Once armed with the tools and knowledge we can provide, you’ll have the opportunity for a healthy rewarding relationship with food. Visit our appointments page to see the different consultation options on offer.