World Egg Day: 13 October 2017

World Egg Day: 13 October 2017

Happy World Egg Day Everyone!

This is a good opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of eggs.

It is a highly nutritious food that can make an important contribution to a healthy, well-balanced diet. Eggs contain good quality protein, at least 11 different vitamins & minerals, important antioxidants & are a source of healthy fats including omega-3s.

What an amazing food right? No wonder there is a day to celebrate it

How many eggs should you eat?

A lot of people worry about eating eggs & their cholesterol. The cholesterol in eggs has almost no effect on our blood cholesterol levels. Your cholesterol levels are more influenced by the saturated & trans fat we eat. As part of a healthy balanced diet you can eat up to 6 eggs each week without increasing your risk of heart disease.

Egg myths

Myth: Restricting egg during pregnancy decreases the risk of the baby having an egg allergy.

Fact: Research doesn’t support eliminating eggs during pregnancy as a strategy for reducing the development of an egg allergy. This is also true for other ‘allergenic foods’ such as peanut, fish, soy & cow’s milk.

Myth: Free range / organic eggs are more nutritious than standard eggs.

Fact: Research shows no nutritional difference between them. The main nutritional differences that occur in eggs are in those that are produced from hens fed special diets eg. Omega-3 enriched eggs.

That’s all for today. Have an EGG-citing day!

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